More relative than relative

Having attempted to use plated under which is currently my goto way of dealing with linuxy stuff on windows. I hit a little problem.

It seems mingw, the thing that runs bash that makes git for windows viable gets a little bit carried away when you pass paths starting with / into a command. Or set an environment variable, yeah tried that one.

It tends to replace / with wherever msys was installed to, probably a horrible path on yout c:\ drive somewhere.

This is a bit of a problem if you are passing in a url to a static website builder. The current setup ended up replacing all the urls with links to my C: drive which is a tad inconvenient.

So I over solved it, a bit of messing around and it is now setup where if you do not provide a root for the site then we work it out as a relative path. So for instance if you are a couple of directories down then it would set the _root to ../../ which gets you there from the current page. This allows us to include js files or css files from the root using a relative path.

This works both for site that are built to the root of a domain and github style sites that get placed inside a sub directory. This can still be replaced with a --root=/whatever/ on the commandline but that wont work too well on the windows, but then again, what does?