The Database provides a snapshot of all data found in the live d-portal database. This is updated nightly.
The following are tables with figures representing the number of distinct (unique) values in the column; ie. repeated values are not counted.
Certain parts of IATI data have been indexed into tables specifically to be displayed in d-portal.

The Act table (created in 2014) forms the base of the website but has been used as a stable API for external tools like the Humanitarian Data Exchange for many years, despite being an internal tool.

We create a lot of indexes because, as a public facing site, we need the database queries to run as fast as possible.

The Xson table (created in 2020) accommodates more complex data needs and searches as it includes all activity and organisation elements according to the IATI Standard, as well as non-standard attributes and extensions that can be found in published data.

As such, for uses beyond the d-portal user interface, you can now explore dQuery by using SQL in the browser.

View log charts of these tables (take awhile to load)


Statistics & graphs of the logs and IATI elements in the D-Portal database.

Figures in corresponding tables are daily logs of nightly imports.
The graphs show these figures over time; hover over the points for more information.

Please be aware that these pages take awhile to load.

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Project by Wetgenes, 2021-present