Episode 131119

And so once again as the planet hurtles towards votemageddon IT Stuff is in lockdown. So there's lots of stuff an opinion based show, like what we are, can't talk about because of Ofcom's election fairness rules.

BCB IT Stuff recording 13 November 2019 transmission 14/15 November 2019 [0 Min] And so once again as the planet hurtles towards votemageddon IT Stuff is in lockdown. So there's lots of stuff an opinion based show, like what we are, can't talk about because of Ofcom's election fairness rules. Even if (hypothetically) a politician suggested that some new emoji could make Twitter a nicer more wholesome place, we couldn't mention that. So. Instead of all that, this month we are doing a Weird Stuff Special! Yo dawg! We heard you like weird so we put some weird in yo weird. Here's your weird bro Kriss and your weird sis Shi. [2 Min] so er when we say weird, we don't just mean weird like huhuhuh you're funnay. We also mean weird like get away from me you creep. So with that on mind, let's get you up to speed with Skin On Interfaces, a research project between some folk in Bristol and some other folk in France that's been covering devices in thick pink sensitive realistic flesh, they reckon this allows a richer set of input gestures, stroking, different kinds of pinching ITS HORRIBLE LIKE A SLAB OF DEAD PIG [4 Min] Next up we have a 100% robotic hotel in Japan, the Henn Na Hotel in Tokyo Bay has an animatronic dinosaur on reception to check you in, facial recognition to get you into your room and when you settle down there's a sort of Alexa bedside thing, you can call your loved ones on it if you're lonely. Unfortunately it turns out the bedside bot has naff all security, you could livestream stream other people's bedside audio and video out to the net. [6 Min] Please to consider the North Devon District Hospital, where, due to a slight config problem on the phone system, a voicemail that a patient left on the system got set as the answering message other patients got when they rang up, including medical stuff and her phone number, which other patients then started ringing: “I didn’t think any more of it until an hour and a half later an elderly man called our home phone talking about his private parts as he had a problem and had to have an operation. I said to him, ‘I’m ever so sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about?’. He replied, ‘they have given me your number’. [8 Min] Eagle runs up huge roaming charge bill [10 Min] News about how drone technology is being used in the community. Up in Perth, that's the one in Scotland, a bloke called Philip Moreton was found hiding in some bushes in the middle of the night after a failed attempt to fly a phone into Perth Prison on a drone. But Mr Moreton said he was out using the drone to look for his pet chihuahua which he said had been stolen by people from a Romanian Circus. Nine months, he got. [12 Min] You're listening to IT Stuff on BCB 106.6fm blablabla [13 Min] Let's tell you about some recent hardware innovations in Dick's World of Stuff [WOStuff] Fridge eye [16 Min] And earwax cleaning cameras are a thing and can be repurposed as cheap usb microscopes. [19 Min] Netflix now has a Skip Donald Trump Jokes button, some US comic Seth Myers suggested it for his show as a funny and innovative way of tackling criticism. [21 Min] The world's first database of poo needs your help, microbial health company Seed wants one hundred thousand photos of your floaters. There's an app so you can upload your dump so they can train an AI to know **** when it sees it. Get the app, do your turdage, point your phone at the porcelain and press the purple button marked Give A ****. [24 Min] Time for Go Home Elon You're Drunk [HARAMBE] err slight problem with that. Elon has been unnaturally well behaved this month, but our emergency backup billionaire Mark Zuckerberg did not disappoint, when Bernie Sanders said billionaires should not exist so the Zuck replied, he sort of agreed that his money isn't deserved quote “in a cosmic sense” but billionaires are “people who do really good things and kind of help a lot of other people. And you get well compensated for that”. ofc facebook has rebranded as FACEBOOK. That'll help. And that's it for another month, we're back in four weeks time, let's leave you with some music from Test Shot Starfish, if you're going to look that up I'd go with Wikipedia over Urban Dictionary, anyway this track is Rollout.
Broadcast 14th & 15th November 2019